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Sharing Our Stories: Sarahdateechur's Guide to Podcasting

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

By Dr. Sarah Thomas

Hi, EduMatch Fam! Today, I wanted to share something incredibly special with you. With the help of ChatGPT, I'm excited to dive into my book, Sarahdateechur's Guide to Podcasting. In this post, we'll explore why I wrote the book, who it's meant for, the challenges I faced during the writing process, and how I hope teachers can use it in their classrooms.

A Platform for Every Educator's Voice

As an educator, I've always believed that each of us has a unique voice and story to share. Our experiences, both personal and professional, contribute to our growth and understanding of the world around us. By sharing our stories, we learn from one another and foster a sense of community within our professional learning networks (PLNs).

This belief led me to write Sarahdateechur's Guide to Podcasting. I wanted to provide educators with a resource that could help them amplify their voices and experiences through podcasting. This powerful medium allows us to reach a wider audience and engage in meaningful discussions with our colleagues and peers.

Reaching Educators at Every Stage

Sarahdateechur's Guide to Podcasting is designed for educators at various stages in their podcasting journey. Whether you're simply curious about podcasting, just starting out, or looking for new ways to expand your existing podcast, this book has something for you.

The goal is to guide educators through the process of creating and maintaining a successful podcast while building and nurturing their PLN. By sharing tips, strategies, and real-life examples, I hope to inspire and empower more educators to share their stories through podcasting.

Overcoming Challenges in the Writing Process

Writing a book is no easy task, especially when juggling various roles and responsibilities. As a publisher, I've dedicated a lot of my time to working with other authors to bring their works to life through EduMatch. However, I've always wanted to write my own book under the EduMatch umbrella.

The hardest part of writing Sarahdateechur's Guide to Podcasting was finding the time to do it. But, as they say, where there's a will, there's a way! I carved out time and dedicated myself to the project, and I'm thrilled to say that this is the first in a series of books I plan to write.

Share Your Voice

While Sarahdateechur's Guide to Podcasting is primarily written for educators, the lessons and strategies within its pages can easily be applied to student podcasting projects. I hope that teachers who read this book will not only feel inspired to share their own stories but also encourage their students to do the same.

By providing educators with the tools and knowledge needed to create successful podcasts, we can foster a culture of collaboration, innovation, and growth within our schools and beyond. Let's continue to learn from one another and use our voices to make a difference in the world of education.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for joining me on this journey as we explored Sarahdateechur's Guide to Podcasting. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to share my passion for education and podcasting with you all. Remember, your voice matters. Keep sharing your stories and experiences, and together, we can continue to learn, grow, and inspire one another.


About the Author

Twitter/Instagram: @sarahdateechur



Albert Dexter
Albert Dexter
Sep 24, 2023

I found "Sharing Our Stories: Sarahdateechur's Guide to Podcasting" to be an invaluable resource for aspiring podcasters. It offers insightful tips and practical advice on crafting compelling narratives. For a deeper understanding of how storytelling can impact health narratives, visit Combining these insights can create powerful podcasts that shed light on critical social determinants of health.

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