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Welcome to EduMatch®!

We’re so glad to have you join our family! Here are some community guidelines, which will help keep EduMatch a productive space where educators may continue to collaborate and learn together.


What is EduMatch?

We are a worldwide community of educators who learn and grow together.  We support one another in our professional learning journeys, and believe in the power of sharing stories.  For that reason, we connect on various social media platforms and build deep relationships that transcend geography, job titles, and all demographic categories.  We also believe in empowering the expert within, and seek to amplify voices of students and educators, as well as grassroots educational efforts.


Where is EduMatch?

It may be easier to ask, “where are we NOT?”  EduMatch has a global reach of educators on six of the seven continents (if you know anyone from Antarctica, please send them our way).  You can find us online in many places such as Voxer, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Slack, WordPress, Medium, Google Classroom...oh yeah, and Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and (did I mention we write books together)?

Community Guidelines

What can we expect?

Here at EduMatch, we want to do our best to make sure that members have a productive and positive experience.  Please observe the following Community Guidelines to do your part as a member of the EduMatch family![1]  We welcome all educators, so feel free to invite friends and spread the word.

  1. Respect the community.  EduMatch is a community-driven organization, where everyone is encouraged to share their voice so that we may all learn together.  People will be coming from different perspectives, as a result of life experiences, culture, upbringing, etc.  While it is fine to disagree and have open conversations, no bullying or harassment of any kind will be tolerated within the EduMatch community.  Remember: it’s ok to critique an idea, but not the person behind it.

  2. Be mindful of what you post.  In EduMatch, we like to have fun and get to know one another on a deeper level.  We don’t always talk strictly about education and have been known to have conversations about topics such as music, family, food, and other random things.  However, be mindful of what you post.  What may be funny to one person may be offensive to another, so we don’t condone nudity, sexual content, derogatory comments or posts about groups of people, violent or graphic content, spam, threats, or harmful/dangerous content.

  3. Cite your sources.  So many amazing educational ideas are shared in EduMatch regularly.  Please let us know where you found the resources you share.  Conversely, ask the owner of content (or originator of ideas) if it’s ok to share before posting outside of EduMatch.[2] 

  4. Ideas are welcomed!  EduMatch has grown dramatically and quickly since its creation in 2014 because members such as yourself have contributed so much.  Feel free to contact Sarah ( | @edu_match |  @sarahdateechur) with any suggestions or feedback you may have.[3] 

  5. Have fun.  “Sharing views and opinions with others by discussing with peers and receiving and providing formative feedback enriches the quality of learning” (Pozzi, Ceregini, Ferlino, & Persico, 2017). Our goal is to facilitate learning for educators, by educators.  Through the power of social media, we can connect and collaborate with our peers in ways we never could before. You will get the most out of EduMatch by embracing these new connections.  Relax, cut loose, and show your personality.  Also, don’t feel like you have to keep up with everything.  Use the parts of EduMatch that are most effective for you!  Jump in when you can, and step away when you need a break.  We’ll be here when you get back :)

We look forward to learning and growing with you!  

These Community Guidelines, in effect immediately as of July 15, 2017, are currently open for community review and may be revised. Any major revision will be time- and date-stamped until the review period is over (TBD).

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