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Putting ourselves out authors and writers

I recently had the amazing experience that my first book, One Drop of Kindness, was published. It was officially launched on Amazon on May 3, thanks to my amazing publisher, Sarah Thomas at EduMatch.

While I am super stoked and excited about the reviews and positive impact it has had, my skin has thickened with the umm, not so rave reviews and suggestions, too. I have began to develop a thicker outer shell, because, as I know, I am in charge of how I act, react and respond to others. While I still am growing, it can be difficult at times.

It's a funny thing, writing. Those who have the courage and take the risk to write, be it; a blog, poetry, books, etc, really can take a "virtual" beating.

Now don't get me wrong, my Kindness book is not for everyone. I LOVE feedback, both positive, and in ways that I can improve. But, perhaps when people have suggestions, ideas, thoughts, considerations, and critiques, it can be spun in a positive (and even private sometimes?) way.

Many of us put our heart, soul, mind, and more into our work. Writing takes a lot out of me, but I get a sense of light, power, energy and emotional octane from it. I write to perhaps improve myself, and maybe, just maybe, make life a bit better for someone else.

With so many amazing bloggers, podcasters, authors, vloggers, and more, let's try to read these amazing works of passion with a positive intent.

So, I ask this of you. If you want to write, Go. For. It. Write your butt off. Clean your soul, share your passion, ideas, love, and story with the world, or just a few friends. Do it with so much courage and faith, that it makes your fear run from success.

It will be great. It will be not so great. It will be a challenge. It will be exhilarating. It will be just what you need.

Now take out your Fred Flinstone slate, chisel and hammer, and leave your tattoo of awesomeness for all of us to read!

Jeff is the principal of Nelda Mundy Elementary School. He strives to connect with students by bringing real world experiences to them, getting to know their names, engaging in lessons and play, and becoming a part of the learning process with them. Jeff vows to always do his best to help increase opportunities for all students to feel heard, noticed, celebrated, challenged, and safe. 

Meet Gus, a one-time orphan who goes through life thinking that hurtful words and actions are the only way to behave and communicate with others. Interestingly, Gus lives in a town that holds a mysterious secret which finally gets unlocked by something that was hidden away. By unlocking this secret, you too can join the ripple effect of kindness that Gus, along with his school and town, is experiencing with the rest of the world! This book, along with each of you, will change our world as we know it. It only takes One Drop of Kindness to fill a heart with love.

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