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Countdown of the Top 10 Most Read Blogs of 2023

At EduMatch, we have strived to keep our articles relevant and timely. Our contributors are amazing educators who delight in sharing their wisdom with our readers. We can't thank them enough. Please enjoy this Top Ten List of Most Read Blogs of 2023 to get a taste of the awesomeness we publish. Then, be sure to subscribe below so you never miss a new post.



Jerry Toups @toups_J

Many educators have dreams and goals on how to transform and change the lives of the students that they are blessed to serve. Jerry Toups Jr, started his career as an educator in the fall of 1990. It was then that he inked Always Believe In Yourself as his first classroom rule. Three-plus decades later he has seen this rule, coupled with nonverbal communication skills, inspire students to believe in who they are and transform their lives for the better. Now with the release of his second book, The Art of Inspiration, he is looking to inspire kids he will never see to believe in who they are...(keep reading)



Dr. Sarah Thomas @sarahdateechur

Hi, EduMatch Fam! Today, I wanted to share something incredibly special with you. With the help of ChatGPT, I'm excited to dive into my book, Sarahdateechur's Guide to Podcasting. In this post, we'll explore why I wrote the book, who it's meant for, the challenges I faced during the writing process, and how I hope teachers can use it in their classrooms...(keep reading)



Craig Shapiro @Shapiro_WTHS

As an exercise lover, more specifically strength training, RIR, as the title is called, is referred to as Reps in Reserve. It's a term that is necessary and straightforward to remember when it comes to getting stronger. But the letters align closely with my book, Dream Big: Stories and Strategies for a Successful Classroom. Throughout the book, I use acronyms for chapter highlights to connect the material to the reader. In the case of RIR, the acronym sums up nicely what my book is focused on. It is also how I view teaching in a nutshell...(keep reading)



Dr. Angela Dye @ejuc8or

Gloria Ladson-Billings, by the research and framing of culturally relevant teaching (CRT), offers educators a rigorous (and reasonable) construct for “good teaching”.  In short, good teaching is about academic achievement, cultural competencies, and critical consciousness.  It is this construct that comes to mind when I think about the current equity movement espoused by school districts across the nation. Seeking to offer care, provide rigorous instruction, and disrupt structural inequities, it seems as though these schools are simply trying to offer “good teaching.” (keep reading)



Dr. Matt Rhoads @mattrhoads1990

Designing a lesson plan takes a wide range of strategies that incorporate the elements of engaging students, having students collaborate, assessing students, and then providing feedback. In the world of ever-changing instructional modalities, we have more opportunities than ever before to innovate our instruction. In education, teachers provide us with tried and true strategies. They are our best resource to learn what works and what doesn’t in classrooms....(keep reading)



Elijah Carbajal @carbaeli

“You can’t come to this class, because you know how to read, and I don’t. You can only come if you don’t know how to read.”

“We’re here because we can’t read.”

“I have to come to this class because I suck at reading.”

These are actual things students have said about my reading intervention class. I love teaching reading intervention, but most importantly, I love the kids I teach. The group of students I have is very upfront. They have told me some of or at least a variation of the phrases from the beginning. They know that they are struggling in the area of reading and spelling...(keep reading)



Becky Lim @techwithbecky

The latest book in our #AmpGlobalEdu series is launching and focuses on authentically implementing educational technology (EdTech) in reading, writing, and mathematics lessons. Similar to our first book in the series, educators from around the globe have shared strategies and ideas for this new book. Each chapter has a unique voice and EdTech tools/resources that can be utilized in any classroom. As editors and lead authors, Matt and I have added our ideas around implementation throughout each chapter...(keep reading)



Rebecca Brinkman @SmilinAZTeacher

I have just finished my 16th year teaching third grade in the same classroom I have had for six years. I know the curriculum like the back of my hand. I have a reputation on my team for being tough, but my students come back to visit me all of the time. I treasure the fact that I am the veteran of the team, and can dole out help to those that need it. I have an incredibly soft spot for younger children. My classroom has had the same theme for the past four years. It is safe to say that I can become comfortable in places. In my career, however, this is not always a good thing...(keep reading)



Kellie Bahri @kbahri5

A strong sense of self is the building block of success in all areas of life. Students who have a strong sense of self are able to make decisions that align with their values, and future goals, and lead a more fulfilling life. A supportive teacher has a significant opportunity to help students see their full potential and help them understand their uniqueness is their greatest strength. Seeing themselves through the eyes of a supportive teacher, can empower them to open their ‘invisible backpacks’ and step into a space of not only owning their strengths and gifts, but understanding that the world needs them...(keep reading)



Melissa Laun @melissalaun

As an educator deeply committed to the growth and success of administrators, teachers, and students, I have embarked on a journey to make a positive impact in education. With certifications in General Education, Special Education, and School Administration, my expertise spans various domains within the education field. Today, as the CEO and Founder of Karaton Consulting, I am dedicated to driving improvement at all levels of education. Through my blog, the Charcuterie Quote Board Blog, I offer weekly servings of insight into carefully selected and curated quotes to serve up in three distinct sections: "The Meat," "The Cheese," and "The Olives." Each section delves into the essence of the quote, adds a personal touch, and brings unexpected perspectives to the table...(keep reading)


Thank you to all our readers for making our article section on EduMatch a huge success! Would you like to be a guest blogger for us in 2024 and aim for the Top 10 list? Click here for more information.

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