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Play On!

What if you had an entire day with your students to do nothing but play? With the Global School Play Day, I was able to experience this first hand!

What is the Global School Play Day?

Global School Play Day is a day in February where students all over the world encourage their students to have unstructured play all day. Students bring in toys and the teachers step back and allow students to play. Students should not bring in any electronics or toys powered by batteries. You can learn more about sign your students up for next year here:

What kind of toys are appropriate for this day?



Building Blocks

Dramatic Play Items

Action Figures

Board Games

Dress Up Clothes

Your Principal Let You Do THIS?!

Yes, my principal encourages developmentally appropriate practices for children. Research shows that students should spend more time in unstructured play. It also gave me time to play games with my students and see their favorite toys. It was an amazing way to further relationships with my students. I had a lot of messages from parents asking me if it was “real” and if they could actually play all day!

Did Your Students Make it the WHOLE Day?

Yes! I had perfect attendance on the GSPD! I started off with expectations for the day and kept them posted on the board (this was basically no blood, share, show kindness to belongings, use conflict resolution). It was also World Read Aloud Day so we took small breaks for read-aloud times, handwashing (hello flu season), and snacks! Students declared this day, “THE BEST DAY EVER!” A teary student stated, “This day went by in two minutes!”

I know for sure they will not forget a day where their teacher let them play, talk about their most prized treasures, and beat them at checkers! That’s a huge “YAY!” for play!


BreAnn Fennell

Twitter: @playyay

Instagram: @playyayauthor

Facebook: @playyay


BreAnn Fennell is an elementary teacher in Ashland, Ohio. She has her bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education with endorsements in Reading and 4-5th Grade. She has a master’s degree in Gifted and Talented Education. BreAnn is the mom of two little boys who are very busy. She is a defender of play!

Play? Yay! is a children’s book about using your imagination and how parents should encourage play in their children. You can find a copy of Play? Yay!

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