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EduMatch® Honored with Multiple Accolades at the 2023 Excellence in Equity Awards

The EduMatch community has much to celebrate with our recent accolades at the Excellence in Equity Awards hosted by the American Consortium for Equity in Education. Our collective efforts in championing educational equity have been acknowledged in a celebration that honors those who have made significant strides in this important field. Here are some of the takeaways.

Leader of the Year

Dr. Sarah Thomas, Founder & CEO of EduMatch, has been distinguished with the Leader of the Year award. Her visionary leadership continues to drive EduMatch towards new horizons in global educational collaboration and equity.

Author, Speaker, or Consultant of the Year

EduMatch's own Mandy Froehlich has been awarded the Author, Speaker, or Consultant of the Year. Mandy's influential work in mental health advocacy has significantly shaped awareness and support within the educational community.

Nonprofit or Community Partner of the Year

EduMatch Foundation, Inc. was recognized as a finalist, underscoring our significant role in connecting educational stakeholders across diverse landscapes to foster collaborative growth and learning.

Best Literacy Solution

EduMatch Publishing was honored as a finalist, validating our mission to amplify authentic voices in education through the power of publishing.

Best Book for Educators

Celebrations are in order for "Embrace, Empower, Educate, and Include" by Salandra Grice and "Moving Beyond for Multilingual Learners" by Carly Spina, both of which have triumphed in their category. Kudos also to Alexes M. Terry's "REAL LOVE: Strategies for Reaching Students Who See No Way Out," which was also recognized as a finalist.

New Product of the Year

Our 'Digital Equity: Beyond the Devices Course' stood out as a finalist, marking a significant step forward in our pursuit to bridge the digital divide in education.

These recognitions embolden us to press on in our journey of providing valuable resources to the educational community. "We are immensely honored by these prestigious awards and thank the American Consortium for Equity in Education for this esteemed recognition," says Dr. Thomas. The awards serve as a beacon, guiding our ongoing commitment to educational equity and reminding us of the collective effort needed to support this vital cause.

Our heartfelt congratulations go to all the dedicated educators, leaders, and visionaries whose work was honored. Together, we continue to forge paths toward a more inclusive and equitable educational landscape.

To learn more about the Excellence in Equity Awards and the full roster of winners and finalists, we invite you to visit

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