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Always Believe School

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

By Jerry Toups, Jr.

Many educators have dreams and goals on how to transform and change the lives of the students that they are blessed to serve. Jerry Toups Jr, started his career as an educator in the fall of 1990. It was then that he inked Always Believe In Yourself as his first classroom rule. Three-plus decades later he has seen this rule, coupled with nonverbal communication skills, inspire students to believe in who they are and transform their lives for the better. Now with the release of his second book, The Art of Inspiration, he is looking to inspire kids he will never see to believe in who they are. Jerry Toups has seen many dreams of his career come true. An Always Believe scholarship, a published author, an award-winning video documentary about his career, just to name a few. Now he is looking to use his manifesto, “The Art of Inspiration” to inspire principals and educators across the country to use the nonverbal communication skills taught in the book to empower the students to believe. His dream is to form an Always Believe school where every teacher is using Always Believe in Yourself and the educators are inspiring their students to believe by using the techniques in the book.

A powerful message in this book is that there are two ways to manage behavior and learning. You can manipulate it or you can inspire it. Many teachers know and are taught in college on how to manipulate behavior via extrinsic motivation and the enforcement of classroom rules and procedures, but very few educators have been taught how to inspire learning to produce intrinsic behaving and learning students. The Art of Inspiration does just this. When educators begin to inspire their students to learn and behave their jobs and careers will be transformed. Their career will actually begin to generate joy in their lives and their student’s lives. An Always Believe school is a win-win situation for the administration, teachers, and most importantly, the students. So what do you say?. Read the Art of Inspiration, talk to your coworkers, and begin the process of making your school an #AlwaysBelieve school.


About the Author

From the banks of the Trinity River to those of the Brazos, Jerry Toups, Jr. is known as the Jedi of Believe. Whether you were in his class, performing under Friday Night Lights, or just knew of him, the aurora of positivity was always strong. With his #1 rule of “Always Believe in Yourself”, Jerry Toups has been teaching students since 1990 the power of believing in themselves and realizing that they are made for awesomeness.

In his first book, The Story of Always Believe, Jerry Toups introduced us to how his #1 rule came to be. Now, his goal is to show current and future educators how exhibiting the “Ultimate Teacher Descriptors” of Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, and Gentleness will inspire the next generation of believers, who will then inspire the generation after them, and so on. By showing students how to Always Believe, greatness and joy will abound.

In the words of Jerry Toups, Jr., “YOU were created to do WONDERFUL things and YOU are AWESOME! #AlwaysBelieve!”

~Ryan Schuldt Former Dayton ISD student and current teacher

Twitter - @Toups_J #AlwaysBelieve chat moderator every Wednesday at 8 PM CST

Instagram - tex_toups

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