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Amplify Learning: A Global Collaborative #AmpGlobalEdu

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

Educators are our greatest source of knowledge and expertise to help us learn. Across the world, educators are doing amazing strategies and technology integrations to amplify student learning. Over the past two years, we’ve seen educators create innovative and creative integrations to support student learning that can take place within in-person, online, and blended classroom experiences. What we’ve learned is that education now requires us to use educational technology to facilitate many aspects of our instruction as well as build relationships with students that transcend the four walls of a classroom.

As a result, Becky and I wanted to showcase the innovative instructional and EdTech integrations that they were doing in classrooms and schools throughout North America and the world. Therefore, we decided to crowdsource educators to share their strategies and integrations along with their experiences and stories with the goal of spreading these strategies and insights to more classrooms and schools. We ultimately want to help as many teachers and schools as possible navigate not only now, but also the future. Our motto is #bettertogether, which is the foundation for this series of publications we are excited to embark on in 2022. Additionally, we want to amplify as many voices as possible to provide diverse perspectives and experiences to share with the world. From this manifested our book series showcasing these voices and their work to amplify teaching and student learning Welcome to Amplify Learning: A Global Collaborative #AmpGlobalEdu!

Each book is comprised of three chapters composed by educators across the world. The chapters relate to themes that are designed to fit almost every content area. Then, research, analysis, and the strategies and EdTech integrations themselves are demonstrated throughout each chapter. Going further, additional strategies are provided by even more educators at the end of each chapter. Finally, Becky and I provide our own analysis throughout the books and chapters to illustrate further possibilities and strategies to what’s discussed as well as outline our own experiences with the strategies and integrations outlined in each chapter.

Below are the following books for the series. In this post, we will further outline Book 1 of the series as well as feature our contributing authors for that book.

Book 1: Amplifying Instructional Design

Book 2: Amplifying Authentic Learning in Reading Writing and Mathematics

Book 3: Amplifying Student Inquiry in Robotics, Computer Science, and STEAM

Book 4: Amplifying Diverse Learning Needs

Together, these books make up the Amplify Learning: A Global Collaborative Series. We can’t wait to begin this journey with you and share with you such a wide repository of strategies and EdTech integrations that are happening in classrooms across the world.

Introducing Amplifying Instructional Design

Book 1 of the Amplify Learning: A Global Collaborative series, Amplifying Instructional Design, takes readers on a journey to help them develop a toolkit of strategies and EdTech integrations to develop engaging, creative, and innovative lessons. Its three main sections on engagement, collaboration, and assessment and feedback, provide educators with a treasure trove of strategies to help amplify student learning within any classroom setting.

Instructional design is of such importance when designing lessons and classroom experiences for students. From the beginning to the end of the lesson, this book provides you with strategies and EdTech integrations that cover the anticipatory setting, guided practice, collaborative and independent practice, and assessment and feedback along with student follow-up. Yet beyond hitting each of these foundational lesson design elements, they are all amplified by research-based strategies and EdTech integrations that can be quickly implemented within any classroom setting. Along with these step-by-step strategies and integrations, for many of them, you can see them in action and are given examples that you can access through our web-based resources accessed through Q/R codes located throughout the book.

Meet the Contributing Authors

For Amplifying Instructional Design, we have three key contributing authors for each body chapter and then 8 additional contributing authors that showcase strategies at the end of each chapter. Let’s meet the three main contributing authors and learn more about them and their work. We encourage you to follow them on social media and view the work they are doing in classrooms and schools!

Debbie Tannenbaum

Debbie Tannenbaum works as an Elementary School Technology Specialist in Fairfax County, VA. An educator with over twenty years of experience, Debbie Tannenbaum supports both staff and students to integrate technology tools into instruction through both co-teaching sessions and weekly technology classes. She is not only a Google Certified Educator, Levels 1 and 2, but is also a Flipgrid Student Voice Ambassador and a Pear Deck Regional Coach. Her first book, TRANSFORM — Techy Notes to Make Learning Sticky was published in May 2021 by Road to Awesome LLC. Debbie also blogs and shares her thoughts and reflections regularly on her website: You can also find her on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Voxer at @TannenbaumTech.

Jeni Long and Sallee Clark

Jeni Long and Salleé Clark are international speakers, EdTech consultants, bloggers, and authors. Between the two of them, they have 37 years of experience in education. They currently serve as Instructional Technologists with Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD in Ft Worth, TX.

This dynamic duo, known as Jenallee, is passionate about emPOWERing teachers with technology integration and sharing ways to make learning accessible, equitable, and fun for all! Jeni and Salleé co-host a YouTube show called The Jenallee Show. Their blog and YouTube show highlights the newest EdTech tools and offer tech tutorials for teachers and educators across the globe. Together, Jeni and Salleé are co-authors of the book titled, Microsoft Teams in the EmPOWERed Class. Connect with Jenallee --

Zach Groshell

Zach Groshell is the Director of Educational Technology at The Northwest School in Seattle, WA. Previously, he has served as an instructional coach, design technology teacher, and elementary teacher in international schools in Vietnam, Sudan, and China. Zach maintains an active professional presence on Twitter (@mrzachg) and his blog (, and he is an experienced presenter at education conferences. Zach is currently learning how to be a parent while finishing his PhD in Instructional Design for Online Learning. Zach would like to thank his wife, Stephanie, for modeling many of the principles of effective feedback while helping him to improve this book’s chapter on effective feedback.

Additional Contributing Authors to Each Chapter

At the end of each chapter, we have several educators sharing additional strategies and EdTech integrations. We encourage you to also connect and follow these educators doing amazing things within classrooms and schools!


  • Lista Hockenberry

  • Corrina Hathuc, Ed.D.

  • David Lerch


  • Jasara Hines, Ph.D.

  • Yogesh Kumar

  • Amy Storer & Dyann Wilson

Assessment and Feedback

  • Pilar Hernandez

  • Becky Young

We Cannot Wait for You to Check Out Amplifying Instructional Design

Overall, we cannot wait for you to check out and read this book. It will expand your toolkit and it can be utilized again and again to experiment and learn new strategies and integrations to meet your instructional and student needs. You will see many different and diverse perspectives and experiences along with the strategies, which can support you now and far into the future.

We encourage you to follow us on social media as well as our hashtag #AmpGlobalEdu to connect with us, our contributing authors, and continue to build our Global Collaborative community!

About the Authors and Editors of Amplify Learning: A Global Collaborative - Amplifying Instructional Design

Matt Rhoads, Ed.D

Matthew Rhoads, Ed.D. is a practicing EdTech Integrationist and Coach, University Lecturer and Teacher Candidate Supervisor, Podcaster, Author, and Consultant from San Diego, CA. He is an innovator who has expertise in integrating research-based instructional strategies with EdTech tools to amplify student learning. Additionally, he has expertise in data literacy, Special Education, and navigating classrooms without boundaries For more information on Dr. Rhoads, check out his website at

Twitter: @mattrhoads1990

Becky Lim, M.Ed

Becky Lim, M.Ed. is a Digital Learning Coach, Author, Blogger, and Podcaster from Chicago, Illinois. She is an innovator and expert at integrating EdTech with instructional strategies to amplify student learning through coaching teachers on how to use these integrations within their classrooms. She is also a member and leader of Global Google for Education, where she makes connections with educators across the globe with the goal to build capacity as a global community to improve student learning. For more information on Mrs. Lim, check out her website at

Twitter: @techwithbecky


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