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Unveiling Cooper's Comics: A Children's Book Launch Celebration

TLDR: In this blog post, we dive into the exciting book launch of BreAnn Fennell's latest children's book, "Cooper's Comics." Join us as we explore the creative process, the inspiration behind the book, and the impact on educators and students alike.

Meet BreAnn Fennell: Educator and Author

BreAnn Fennell, an educator from Ohio and the Lead Connections Coordinator at Teach Better Team shares her journey as an author and educator. With a passion for storytelling and empowering students, BreAnn’s background in education shines through her latest children's book, "Cooper's Comics."

The Story Behind "Cooper's Comics"

"Cooper's Comics" follows the journey of an elementary school student, Cooper, who discovers the power of empathy and creativity through his art. As Cooper navigates the ups and downs of friendships and self-discovery, he learns valuable lessons about kindness and understanding. BreAnn delves into social-emotional themes within the book, making it a relatable and impactful read for children of all ages.

Illustrating the Narrative: Collaborating with Manuel

A crucial aspect of "Cooper's Comics" is the captivating illustrations that bring the story to life. BreAnn worked with Manuel Herrera, the talented illustrator behind the visuals in the book. Through a collaboration facilitated by Dr. Sarah Thomas of Edumatch, BreAnn highlights the importance of finding the perfect artistic match to complement the narrative.

Nurturing Young Authors: Encouraging Student Creativity

Drawing from her experiences as a young storyteller, BreAnn emphasizes the significance of fostering a culture of creativity in the classroom. Educators can inspire the next generation of authors and creators by providing opportunities for students to share their stories and celebrate their voices.

Embracing the Writing Process: From Vision to Publication

BreAnn shares her journey of transitioning from educator to author, emphasizing the value of persistence and collaboration in the publishing process. Through her partnership with Dr. Sarah Thomas and the Teach Better Network, BreAnn has supportive communities that championed her vision and empowered her to share her stories with a broader audience.

Where to Find "Cooper's Comics"

Excited to dive into the world of "Cooper's Comics"? You can grab a copy of the book on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, where BreAnn and Manuel's tale of empathy and imagination awaits readers of all ages. Join Edumatch on this enchanting literary journey and discover the magic of storytelling through "Cooper's Comics."

In conclusion, the book launch of "Cooper's Comics" marks a significant milestone in her journey as an educator and author. By weaving together themes of empathy, creativity, and self-discovery, BreAnn’s children's book is a powerful tool for educators and students alike. Embrace the joy of storytelling and pick up your copy of "Cooper's Comics" today to embark on a heartwarming adventure through the eyes of young Cooper.

BreAnn Fennell

Twitter: @PlayYay

Instagram: @breann.fennell

Manuel Herrera


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