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The Art of Inspiration

In the summer of 2014, my school had a book study on Teach Like a Pirate by Dave Burgess. After reading the book I could only think, I do this stuff, I could have written this book. So I sat out and compiled the many short stories I wrote about my life, how I became who I am, and the beginning of “Always Believe in Yourself” as my first rule. The result in the fall of 2018 was “The Story of Always Believe” which came out at the same time as a student generated video documentary about my career also titled “The Story of Always Believe” This video won second place in the state Young Filmmakers Contest. However, this book and video didn’t do what I wanted, to create a manifesto of how educators can inspire kids to Always Believe in who they are. In September 2020 EduMatch Publishing agreed to help me create this manifesto, and after 2 years of hard work, The Art of Inspiration is the manifesto I have dreamed of producing.

This book is written for those in education who want to transform their career, their school, and even their community. When implementing the nonverbal techniques taught in this book a powerful transformation will take place in multiple areas. The students will be inspired and a growth mindset will be activated when they begin to believe in who they are. The educator's career will be turned into a joy generating machine. Student by student kids who are inspired to believe in who they are will eventually have a ripple effect on the actual community.

The research found in this book is groundbreaking. This book would not have been possible to write five years ago. The research being done on our mirror neurons is at the center of how we think, feel, act, and even how we become inspired. Searching through this new research to find the ones that could be used in education was tedious as most of the research is being done for the business world.

Educators who implement the techniques found in this book will turn their classrooms into ones in which behavior is manipulated to produce learning to one in which behavior is inspired to produce learning. Teachers who are able to inspire the behavior of their students will create classroom environments where positivity and love can be felt by observers who walk into the room. It is a profound experience to sense and feel a room like this, and the impact this has on the students is immense.

About the Author

From the banks of the Trinity River to those of the Brazos, Jerry Toups, Jr. is known as the Jedi of Believe. Whether you were in his class, performing under Friday Night Lights, or just knew of him, the aurora of positivity was always strong. With his #1 rule of “Always Believe in Yourself”, Jerry Toups has been teaching students since 1990 the power of believing in themselves and realizing that they are made for awesomeness.

In his first book, The Story of Always Believe, Jerry Toups introduced us to how his #1 rule came to be. Now, his goal is to show current and future educators how exhibiting the “Ultimate Teacher Descriptors” of Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, and Gentleness will inspire the next generation of believers, who will then inspire the generation after them, and so on. By showing students how to Always Believe, greatness and joy will abound.

In the words of Jerry Toups, Jr., “YOU were created to do WONDERFUL things and YOU are AWESOME! #AlwaysBelieve!”

~Ryan Schuldt Former Dayton ISD student and current teacher

Twitter - @Toups_J #AlwaysBelieve chat moderator every Wednesday at 8 PM CST

Instagram - tex_toups

Facebook – Jerry Toups

You can find Jerry's book here:

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