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Rebecca Gibboney, author of The Tiebreaker

I know many educators who choose a word to focus on throughout the school year.

Breathe. Change. Opportunity. Just to name a few. In fact, there is a whole hashtag movement you can follow (#oneword) too be inspired.

Well, my hairdresser and I recently had this conversation (yes, we have deep conversations at the hair salon), and it was in this conversation I determined my word for the 2020-2021 school year. Trust me, I know, 2020 can be a lot of words right now; however, I am choosing the word PIVOT.

Which takes me to the infamous Friends episode--PIVOT!!!

Ready for a chuckle? Let’s break this episode down:

And then, there is the line where Chandler asks Ross, “What exactly did you mean when you said pivot?” You might be thinking this same exact question right about now to me.

This year will inevitably be filled with pivots. We will have plans. We will throw those plans out. We will feel discouraged. We will have expectations. Those expectations won’t meet our standards. Once again, we will feel discouraged.

But why?

Instead of feeling discouraged, feel inspired. Inspired to pivot.

Pivot to something new and refreshing. Pivot to something innovative. Pivot to something outside of your comfort zone. It is your choice. Will you pivot forward or backward?

Pivot forward towards the unknown.

Pivot forward towards change.

Your pivot forward is your next move, not your last.

So, when are having one of those days, one of those lessons or one of those split seconds, throw your head back. Laugh and let out a PIVOTTTT!

Rebecca Gibboney


When did work become so serious? Who said it had to be? Imagine heading into a workplace where the fun is just as important as the work. What if you (yes you!) were the one who could unlock all of the fun for your colleagues? In The Tiebreaker, Rebecca Gibboney gives educators the scouting report on how to build a culture of gamification for professional learning. Filled with gamification examples, a game plan, and the keys to victory, the question remains…

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