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How to Be a Warrior for ALL Students & Build a Thriving Culture & Community You Can Be Proud Of

By Pamela Hall

Relationships are king. We all know it. But how do we truly acquire unshakable, lasting relationships where all students thrive? A place where everyone contributes and belongs. How do we cement bonds that withstand the test of time and bring out the best of every single student? How do you amplify every student's potential (even the challenging ones)?

It sounds like a pretty tall order, especially when there is limited time and a lack of resources. Teachers want more autonomy, smaller class sizes, fewer mandates, Social Emotional Learning training, fewer behavior challenges, less paperwork, fewer meetings, and the list of teacher problems goes on and on.

While I can't solve all the dampening demands, I wrote Be Their Warrior as a source of hope and help for overworked educators. I wrote it for anyone contemplating exiting education- please read it before you depart. There is a reason you got into teaching, and I can bet it isn't meetings, mandates, and new initiatives piled upon not yet mastered initiatives. I bet you love kids, and you aspire to make a difference.

Well, I'm here to tell you that you are making a difference. Even on your most brutal day, someone needs you. I wrote Be Their Warrior to give you an arsenal of strategies to pierce through your most challenging students and inappropriate behavior. I wrote it for anyone who is on the brink of burnout. You can go from depleted to delighted and from the point of burnout to burning with passion.

How do I know?

I was in all those situations. I've lived it, and I wrote about it to help you.

Why else did I write Be Their Warrior?

Be Their Warrior began as a faint idea. However, there are three reasons the book was born:

  1. I was Teacher of the Year and had to write five two-page essays. I sent the essays to a dear friend to edit. Every reply to each piece, she'd say, "You really should write a book."

  2. My assistant principal at the time continually called me a champion for all kids.

  3. Another dear friend, not the one who edited my essays, listened to my book idea and dared me to contact two publishers. You can read more about this and my fear of failure here.

Because of those three things, the book was born. It was a three-year journey from the time of conception- ideas- to now- the release of Be Their Warrior. I’m forever grateful to EduMatch Publishing for believing in this project and me.

At first, I titled the book: Be Their Champion. However, there are multiple books with the word champion in the title. So I Googled synonyms for the word champion and targeted the word warrior. I ran it by numerous friends and family members. They liked it. So it stuck.

I ultimately wrote Be Their Warrior for all educators, novice and seasoned. Novice educators will appreciate the viable strategies to navigate challenging students and to bond with their families' students. Seasoned educators will find hope and nod their heads as they relate to the heart-wrenching stories.

So, How Can You Be a Warrior for ALL Students & Build a Thriving Culture & Community You Can Be Proud Of?

Grab a copy of my book: Be Their Warrior from Barnes & Noble or Amazon. It's all in there just for you.

Be Their Warrior is more than a catchy phrase. It's about being intentional and planning to help every child succeed.

You'll learn to:

  • Create a culture that keeps all kids coming back

  • Start STRONG & Embrace self-care

  • Cultivate impactful relationships

  • Ignite passion

  • Empower community & family partnerships

  • Create a classroom culture that fosters every student's gifts & talents and leads to a love of learning.

Eliminate average. Be a warrior!

Not only will you know relationships are king, but you'll also know how to cement them when you follow the strategies in Be Their Warrior. You'll have more fun and less stress teaching.

About the Author

Pamela Hall, a multi-national award-winning educator, is a speaker and author of Be Their Warrior dedicated to helping educators consciously connect with and grow all learners. Pamela's a life-long learner leading and inspiring thousands of students and educators.

Pamela has appeared on PBS. and local news, and written for many magazines such as Educator Insights. She’s a passionate educator specializing in student relationships, class culture, engaging challenging students, and hands-on, life applicable learning. She encourages educators to be STRONG and embrace self-care.

Pamela leads Literate For Life, a non-profit foundation, that educates, encourages, and empowers children to be literate. She also shares tips on her mindfulness blog, a blog focused on amplifying all kids, education, and self-care. She’s an ordinary cappuccino drinking, chocolate eating mom, and wife from Virginia with an extraordinary passion to make a positive difference.


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