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For the Love of Learning

For the Love of Learning

For the love of learning, let there be triple hearts! To know a learner’s heart and how it beats is a special gift. Some share it right out of the gate, and others take their time easing their way into a new space. While some may come with their heart open wide, others may be a bit more protective. The beats may vary, and the rhythm may sway, but the one thing that always keeps the love of learning alive is a human connection.


Don’t wait, now is the perfect time to create a connection with Random Acts of Kindness! This year, RAK is being celebrated February 13-19, so with an open heart, let’s set these kind acts in motion. Just remember, a little love opens the heart to grow, and growing is learning. Be ready to invite others to a new conversation. In turn, be vulnerable to creating a new connection. In fact, here are a few simple ways to keep the love of learning alive.


Do you remember reading those conversation candy hearts when you were a kid? Did you really eat them or were you the one that stared at them wondering who the perfect person would be to give that heart to in that moment? Well, here is your chance to make it happen. Pick a heart, any heart, and put it into action. As a result, you will be amazed how one moment or gesture can open up another person’s world!

“SAY YES”...

let's play a new game

that new tool looks interesting, lets's try it

to a new friendship

that idea sounds like a great starting point

I would love to join you

“HUG ME”...

with a smile

with a little note reminding them how special they are

to show that I’m here for you

by sharing a favorite show to watch

or passing down a favorite book you’ve read


may actually be all that someone needs to hear

reminds a person how much you gain from them

can simply be the action of showing up

shares that your world is better with them in it


Like Rob Base says, “It takes 2 to make a thing go right!” Think about the last time you laughed so hard that tears ran down your face or when your lightbulb moment turned into a flaming bonfire. Most often “it takes 2 make out of sight!” Team up with others and as a result, create new opportunities.


for a laugh or a good cry

embracing a partnership that is stronger with them by your side

sharing the work and the reward with your person

I am “ALL IN” with you


that special relationship that only grows with time

recognizing where you may feel weak, they are strong

the willingness to commit to taking a risk . . . together


Can you even imagine how fulfilling it would be if you reached out to someone that may have once hurt you or simply didn’t venture into your world for unknown reasons? The risk of pulling down that lever to see what happens is there, but “what if”… what if TRIPLE HEARTS appear? Total Jackpot! For the love of learning, let’s remember that the triple heart moment is where your mind, body, and soul are fulfilled and you are ready to take on the world! How can you create a triple heart moment for someone?

MIND: ease someone’s mind by letting go of the past (having grace) or by opening the door to the future. Either way, the mind is given rest and with rest, will find new energy.

BODY: lend a helping hand when it is least expected. When lightening the workload for another person, you, in turn, are gaining strength too

SOUL: be a soul-filler for others with kindness and you will feel it to your core

For the love of learning, just act! When you think about it, Random Acts of Kindness do not need to be set aside for one week a year, but it is definitely a great starting point.

About the Authors

As an educator for the last 25 years, Kristen Nan’s passion for building relationships with her students, colleagues, and community continues to ignite change for the better! Kristen has served as an emotional support teacher, learning support teacher, and classroom teacher from Pittsburgh, PA. In addition to her current role as a Cyber K-6 Grade Teacher, Kristen is an author, blogger, and national speaker. With keeping a future-ready mindset at the forefront for every child, she has been recognized as an award-winning educator for innovative practices. Kristen’s book, “ALL IN, Taking a Gamble in Education” is co-authored by Jacie Maslyk and focuses on the importance of risk-taking, chances, and building relationships between teachers and administrators. Connect with Kristen on Twitter and Instagram @nankr1120 or email her at

An educator for the last 25 years, Dr. Jacie Maslyk, has served as a classroom teacher, reading specialist, elementary principal, and assistant superintendent. She is the author of several books including Unlock Creativity: Opening a World of Imagination With Your Students and All In: Taking a Gamble in Education. Jacie is a featured blogger with Defined Learning and Carly & Adam, as well as maintaining her own blog, Creativity in the Making at Jacie has been a featured speaker at FETC and ISTE, as well as a keynote speaker for the Northwest District Educators Conference and the Virginia Children’s Engineering Convention. Connect with Jacie on Twitter @DrJacieMaslyk or email her at

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