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A Look into “The Journey of an Accredited Provider”

Life as an educator is fun. Life as a provider and caregiver is fulfilling. It's exhausting on its good days and exhausting on its bad days. In no way shape or form is it just easy. Either way though, each moment well spent with the little humans in our care makes a difference in their future.

As educators, little ones are in our programs for a short part of their lives. It is what we do during that short time that can make an impact on their futures. Our words, our actions, our tones all matter. They will carry those impressions with them as they grow up. The strong affirmations of who they are being built in their early years. We become their inner voice. The synapses connected in their minds in the early years have a chance to be grandiose or completely the opposite.

We can be positive. We can make a huge difference to society. We are educators. So let’s stand up for our little ones and realize we are essential.

My personal experiences and growth as a professional are highlighted in the book “The Journey of an Accredited Provider.” Take a read and tell me what you think.

Listen to Angela speak about curriculum, which you can read more about in her book.

Angela H. Bayer-Persico

Instagram: angela_bayer_persico

Twitter: @bayer_persico

Angela also works as a bi-lingual trainer/ specialist, keynote, motivational speaker. In addition, Ms. Angela works with PBS on several projects for early education teachers as an advisor. Angela works as an independent consultant for child care agencies to educators nationwide. She is a mother herself of five children, three adult sons, and two school-age twins.

For more information, contact Angela Bayer-Persico directly at

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