• The mission of EduMatch® is to connect educators around the world, along similar topics of interest.


  • What is EduMatch?

    We use the power of social media in order to help foster collaboration and connections among educators around the globe. We understand that relationships are the foundations for learning, even for us as educators.


    For starters, we often feature #EduMatch "Person of the Day, "and tweet out several bits of information that they have supplied. This service is 100% free, and all you need to do is fill out the form. We do the rest. However, below are some suggestions to help you make the most meaningful connections.


    How to Make the Most of #EduMatch

    • First, fill out our form to be featured as the #EduMatch Person of the Day.  Find out other ways to connect with us at the bottom of the page.
    • Search our Awesome Table of previous #EduMatchers to connect with other educators around the world with similar interests.
    • Check out the #EduMatch Books.  As we believe in the open sharing of information, many of the books are available as free PDF downloads, among other formats.
    • View our Podcast calendar, suggest a topic, or sign up to be a panelist.
    • Join us on Slack to coordinate meetups, raise your fitness game, and get podcasts and blogs delivered right to you!

    Please spread the word. The more we grow, the more we can help educators connect.

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