• Brian Costello

    The Teacher's Journey (2018)

    Coming June 4, 2018

    Mandy Froehlich

    The Fire Within:

    Lessons from defeat that have ignited a passion for learning (2018)

    Coming soon!

    Elissa Frazier

    Daddy's Favorites (2018)

    Coming Soon!

  • Books

    Here are books published by #EduMatch. Titles and links will be added as they are produced, so watch this space!

    Journey to the "Y" in YOU

    Dene Gainey

    The question is, “What’s the ‘why’ in you?” Why do you? Why would you? Why should you? Through the pages in this book, you will gain the confidence to be you, and understand the very power in what being you can produce. From philosophy to personal experiences, from existential considerations to the very nature of the human experience, consider who might be waiting on you to be you.


    Buying Options:

    Kindle: $8.99

    Paperback (B&W): $14.95


    Release: April 2, 2018


    Dene's Website

    #EduMatch: Snapshot in Education (2017)

    We’re back! EduMatch proudly presents Snapshot in Education (2017). In this two volume collection, 32 educators and one student share their tips for the classroom and professional practice. Topics include culture, standards, PBL, instructional models, perseverance, equity, PLN, and more.


    Buying Options:

    e-Book Volume 1 (free)

    e-Book Volume 2 (free)

    Paperback Volume 1 ($10.58)

    Paperback Volume 2 ($10.15)

    Kindle: $0.99


    The #EduMatch Teacher's Recipe Guide (2017)

    Hey there, awesome educator! We know how busy you are. Trust us, we get it. Dive in as fourteen international educators share their recipes for success, both literally and metaphorically! In this book, we come together to support one another not only in the classroom, but also in the kitchen.


    Buying Options:

    e-Book (free)

    Full Color Hardcover: $26.45

    Kindle: $0.99

    #EduMatch: Snapshot in Education (2016)

    In this collaborative effort, twenty educators come together to share our stories in a powerful snapshot of a year in review. Learn what worked, what we've learned, and where we're headed next.


    Buying Options:

    e-Book (free)

    B&W Paperback: $10.15

    Full Color Collector's Edition Paperback: $32.69

    Kindle: $0.99


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